About the Client

Gathr is an LA-based company that helps films reach their audience. Conceived as a promotion tool for Independent films, Gathr’s platform connects filmmakers, movie goers and theaters to run screenings all across the United States.

The Challenge

Create an online platform that supports Gathr’s unique business model allowing movie fans screen their favorites films on local theaters.

The Solution

We built a tailor-made web platform that connects filmmakers, theaters and fans and gives the latter the ability to request screenings of their favorite films in local cinemas.

Through an integration of Batch Payment with Authorize.Net it was possible to replicate a GroupOn-like model where the tickets are reserved and the payment is not made effective until the critical mass has been achieved.

Key Achievement

  • End to end production from conception to user interface to full site build.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Customized implementation of Authorize.Net Batch Payment API.
  • Development of plugins for use by 3rd parties generating more traffic on the site and, therefore, more revenue.