About the Client

Smart Cash was born as a digital company with the mission to grant small amounts personal loans leveraging the latest web technologies to make the request process quick and easy for their audience.

The Challenge

The process of granting a personal loan involves a lot of validations with multiple data sources, both internal and external, to guarantee the requester’s ability to pay back. Some of these controls are complex and take time which goes against a quick and easy process.

The Solution

We developed a fully mobile oriented web platform to support the request process. Thanks to a thoughtful User Experience, we broke every validation in simple steps giving the user a clear process while, at the same time, running checks in the back scenes to verify the requester’s financial situation.

Key Achievements

  • The platform interacts with massive amounts of data from more than 5 different sources to perform checks online.
  • Significant reduction of operational costs thanks to the automation of many manual tasks that required human intervention.
  • Ability for users to upload required documentation either by picking them from their cellphone’s gallery or by capturing them using the camera.
  • Web administration backend system allowing full parametrization of the validations to fine tune the platform’s behavior according to the business needs.
  • Ongoing maintenance to ensure the proper operation of the platform as well as its constant evolution and improvement.