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About us

At Digital Beings, we contribute to the world’s digital evolution helping mankind be more connected, open and fair. We encourage and promote our digital beings as inhabitants of an unlimited space that is much bigger than anything we’ve known in the past. Each of us, human beings, play a different digital being every time we interact with the connected world we live in.

About the Role

In the position iOs Devs we hope you can apply your knowledge and acquire new knowledge in the various challenges that arise in the project.

About the Project

It is a very interesting project with a Client from the United States in which there will be a large work team with which we hope they can improve their skills both individually and in groups.

  • Large global enterprise platform > technology is in place
  • Teams would be assigned specific areas
  • B2B commerce system
  • Magento sits in the middle as an API
  • Java
    • Interfaces with the ERP
  • Single code base
    • Product roadmap is defined

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to  hello@digitalbeings.net.

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