About the Client

Alius engaged with an multi-million dollar international fund to create a tailor made solution for managing the company’s operation involving +100 people in 5 countries, and was in need of a senior engineer team to extend their own team to delivery the service.

The Challenge

The platform had a large backlog of required fixes as well as enhancements to be made in order to evolve the tool and keep it useful for the end users. Having gone thru different teams for some years, the code base was a bit complex and heterogeneous, lacking a solid and consistent architecture on top of which to grow.

The Solution

Digital Beings assigned a senior team of a Tech Lead and a Software Engineer to gain ownership of the code base, understand the pillars of the solution and quickly set the ground for evolving the tool while supporting the daily operational needs. The team worked collaboratively both with Alius and the fund’s own technical team and established a development process to ensure a proper management of the user’s requirements while keeping the system clean and scalable.

Key Achievement

  • Within a few months, the team was able to complete the development and deploy some big features that had been “Work In Progress” for over a year.
  • Even when the team was new to the client and the platform’s architecture, the level of service was kept and even improved making the transfer of ownership transparent to the end user.
  • As a result of an active proposal from Digital Beings’ team, a full UI revamp was held to improve the user experience when working with the tool which was really well adopted by the end user.