About the Client

Wayni manages a digital platform for lending money online that allows users to upload their personal information, runs several verification processes process in the backend for risk assessment using multiple sources through APIs and determines the amount to lend based on an algorithm combining all this inputs.

The Challenge

As part of the process, Wayni was looking to register all the information of the granted loans in an external system that works as a backup of all the transactions generated through the site and stores the data in a secure, immutable and encrypted manner.

The Solution

We developed a platform that generates a digital wallet associated with a SmartContract using the RSK blockchain, stores a copy with all the details of each transaction and encrypts the information so it’s not accessible by anyone outside of Wayni.

The details of each transaction can then be retrieved by an Angular website, only accessible by Wayni’s staff, that gets back the information from RSK’s blockchain, reverts the encryption and shows the data.

Key Achievements

  • Seamless integration with the RSK Blockchain via SmartContracts.
  • Data encryption to secure the information even when stored in a public blockchain.
  • Successful collaboration with the Wayni team to embed the logic into the existing workflow.