About the Client

OpenZeppelin builds developer tools and performs security audits for distributed systems that power multimillion-dollar economies. Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin has set industry standards for building secure distributed systems and positioned as a respectful name in the Blockchain community.

The Challenge

Zeppelin owned Coral Fundraiser, a crypto fundraising platform that allows clients to easily create a blockchain-based web platform to held their own ICO. Part of the process involved gathering information about people and/or organizations willing to be part of the investors of the ICO. In order to comply with the existing regulations, a thorough “Know Your Customer” was required as one of the key components of the solution and this was initially achieved thru a set of monolithic forms that was uneasy and hard to follow.

The Solution

Digital Beings partnered with the Zeppelin team to develop a brand new wizard-like process allowing users to follow clear steps that were, at the same time, dynamically laid out depending on the selections made throughout the workflow.

Key Achievement

  • Quick ramp up process. Our team was coding on top of Zeppelin’s code repository within just a few days.
  • Improved engagement levels.
  • Reduction of the number of people abandoning the process halfway thru.
  • More structured mechanism to handle the information captured by the system consisting not only in pieces of data but also attachments.