About the Client

Allianz is a German finance and insurance multinational company with headquarters in Munich. With almost 130 years in the market, it has become one of the largest and best known providers of finance and insurance services groups around the globe.

The Challenge

The HR department of Allianz’s Argentina office was looking to promote the intra-company participation and cohesion. In the context of the FIFA World Cup 2018, they thought of launching a score predictor game so that every employee in the company could play and have fun during the main sport event.

The Solution

We created a web and mobile apps for both iOS and Android supporting the game which was used by more than 350 Allianz’s employees. Featuring a cool and easy-to-use UI, the game was very well accepted among the employees achieving high levels of engagement throughout the competition.

Key Achievement

  • Quick and easy set up, including a fully enabled administration portal allowing Allianz’s HR team to manage the competition.
  • Ongoing support during the competition to ensure a smooth operation, high availability and fast response time to reported issues.
  • Consistent User Interface on both Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) reducing the learning curve of new users and making it simple to play the game, even for non-tech people.