About the Client

BrushUp Club invented a cool toothbrush and wanted to commercialize it through a subscription model helping people keep up with their dental health by automatically renewing their toothbrush every three months.

The Challenge

After setting up an initial e-commerce platform on top of a WordPress + WooCommerce implementation with another vendor, BrushUp Club was in need for a new team to jump in, take control of the existing architecture, complete the site and launch it in a short timeframe.

The Solution

Our team stepped in, gained control of the pre-existing technical solution and coordinated the completion of all the items in the backlog, also taking care of the full site’s launch and deployment. Once the site was LIVE, BrushUp Club and Digital Beings worked collaboratively to operate the site ensuring high availability and proper performance. Using tracking tools like Google Analytics, with the Conversion Funnel set up, Optimizely for A/B Testing and Hotjar, among others, Digital Beings helped BrushUp Club improve the site’s KPIs which, in turn, resulted in more sales.

Key Achievement

  • We quickly gained control of the pre-existing tech stack learning and mastering the code to attack the outstanding items in the backlog.
  • Updates to the WooCommerce core to fine-tune the subscription logic and make it in line with the unique BrushUp Club’s business rules.
  • Connected multiple tracking tools to better understand the audience behavior while visiting the site, adjusting the UI as well as the checkout process to increase conversion rates.