About the Client

EfectON is a new brand in the financial services space. EfectON’s business is mainly focused on the digital space. To keep up with the new trends in the market, and given the launch of new players whose main focus was the digital space, EfectON had to launch their own digital solution to fulfill the new needs of their prospective clients.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to find a perfect balance between an easy process for regular users with several checks that need to be completed in the background to screen each person and determine their ability to pay for their credit. The more complex the process, the more abandonment rate the site would have, resulting in lost sales.

The Solution

We created a clean user experience that guides the person throughout the process requiring a minimum set of data to check their financial profile. The system allows two scenarios:

(1) Get money with a 100% online loan, no need of personal interaction and including digital signature online.

(2) Access to higher amounts requiring an in-person signature.

Key Achievement

  • Seamless collaboration between EfectON’s and Digital Beings’s team to define and develop all the APIs connecting the site and the backend logic for financial validations within EfectON’s systems.​
  • Development of a customized digital signature solution to lock down the loan contract allowing a totally autonomous sale with no human interaction.
  • Enabled a media component to facilitate the upload of the required documentation using the cellphone’s camera or picking the document from the gallery.
  • Image recognition algorithm to extract the bank account number directly from an image, making it easy for the user to deal with the 22-digit number that is very prone to errors.